Support Space for Educators in the SCNC

The Covid-19 pandemic, social justice movements, election, and challenges around the world have made 2020 a very difficult year.  As educators, not only are you responsible for taking care of yourself during these unprecedented times but also teach and support your students. 


The Loving Community Committee of the SCNC conference board, in partnership with the Youth and Young Adult Ministries, is offering a virtual support space for all educators.  We invite all church members who are educators to join!

HeartSpace for Educators will take place the second Wednesday in March and May of 2021.


HeartSpace for Educators will be led by Mary Traylor, MSW.  Mary is a lifelong member of the SCNC UCC, Educator and School Social Worker, and the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator of the SCNC.


Time: 5:00-6:00 pm  



March 17th

May 19th


Contact: Mary Traylor at traylor@scncucc.org


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